Who are we and what is a mirror photo booth?

Welcome to Magic Mirror Booth! We’re happy you found us, and we hope you find all the information you need on mirror photo booths here.

Magic Mirror Booth offers a stylish and entertaining photo booth service that operates mainly in the Gauteng area. We have spent years in the photo booth business and although Magic Mirror Booth features a new, fresh photo booth design, we are experienced in delivering fantastic events.

When designing and building the Magic Mirror Booth, our objective was to create something truly memorable which would elevate any event. It’s a new way of taking gorgeous event photos that will delight your guests while producing high quality photo memories. In case you aren’t sure what a mirror photo booth is yet, read on.

A mirror photo booth performs the same function as traditional photo booths: it takes and prints photos in real-time. But, instead of looking into a computer screen while posing, you have the benefit of looking into a full-length mirror. The photography equipment is housed in an upright case, fitted with a frame and a mirror. This means the camera, cables and other technical (and less attractive) parts are discreetly hidden behind the specialised mirror. The entire mirror functions as an interactive screen. So, instead of a box or metal ‘tower’, you just have a device that looks like a mirror.

The differences between a traditional photo booth and a mirror photo booth are mainly aesthetic. Design expectations and visual appeal are the main reasons prospective customers decide to opt for the mirror photo booth.

The most fun part? The Magic Mirror Booth can be made to fit almost any theme perfectly. As one of our extras you’ll be able to request custom made frames such as flower and exotic plant borders, faux diamonds, art-deco, etc. Talk to us about what you’re dreaming about, and we’ll make it happen!


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