What does a mirror booth look like?

Hey, goodlookin’! 

Get the whole picture by browsing through our mirror booth gallery. If you’re unsure of how the device looks and how guests interact with it, this is the place to be. We’ve showcased some helpful images from past events here. These should help you decide whether the mirror booth is what you’re looking for.

Mirror booth just for you 

We can customise your experience in many ways. From crafting a beautiful flower frame to personalising your on-screen animations and more. The mirror booth is a sturdy and versatile device, made for parties! Let your imagination run wild and tell us what you’re dreaming of – we’ll do our best to make it happen!

More info on the mirror booth?

Done browsing the gallery and happy with the stylish exterior? Want more information on what’s going on inside the mirror booth and why it’s such a great experience for guests?

Check out our How It Works page and awesome instructional video.


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