Why Book a Magic Mirror Booth?

Magic Mirror Booth Is Different

Magic Mirror Booth is an elegant and inventive photo booth device. Designed not only to take photos, but to be a stylish décor feature, blending flawlessly into your event. The mirror booth will charm your guests with its unique approach to producing beautiful photos.

If you’re exploring the option of a photo booth at your next event, Magic Mirror Booth is something truly different. Mirror booths are relatively new to the South African market, and we are excited to offer this service locally. Whether your event is a wedding, birthday, anniversary or corporate awards evening, the Magic Mirror Booth brings the magic!

It Looks Good

Magic Mirror Booth looks like a big, beautifully framed mirror. The DSLR camera is behind the mirror and your guests see a full-length mirror image of themselves! Is there a better way to take a picture than an entire mirror being your camera? Helpful instructions and completed photos are displayed on the mirror booth in-between shots.

The Magic Mirror Booth and its add-ons can be customised or branded to slot into your event seamlessly. We love working with our clients to create the perfect backdrop, green screen, frame, and other elements to make your event truly unique.

View our helpful instructional video on how our mirror booth works here. We hope to bring the stylish, simple fun of a mirror booth to you soon!


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